Marin Rozic

  • Born (age)
  • ClubCibona (Croatia)
  • Squad Number20
  • PositionForward
  • NationalityCRO
  • Height201 cm / 6'7''

Marin Rozic is a very experienced forward with a lot of seasons in the strongest leagues in Europe. He is a very strong and athletic forward with a great shoot from outside. He is aggressive and does a great job rebounding on both ends of the floor. Marin is playing on the court with a lot confidence he has gained playing on the high level. He is playing very strong defense on the ball.


1998-1999: Zrinjevac Zagreb Junior team
2000-2001: Zrinjevac Zagreb
2001-2002: Zrinjevac Zagreb
2002-2003: Zrinjevac Zagreb (1T)
2003 – signed 2-years contract with Mabo Livorno (Italy-SerieA)
2003-2004: Mabo Livorno (Italy-SerieA)
2004-2005: KK Cibona VIP Zagreb (A1)
2005-2006: KK Cibona VIP Zagreb (A1)
2006-2007: KK Cibona VIP Zagreb (A1)
2007-2008: KK Cibona VIP Zagreb (A1, starting five)
2008-2009: €190,000: KK Cibona VIP Zagreb (A1, starting five)
2009-2010: €190,000: KK Cibona VIP Zagreb (A1, starting five), injured in Jan.’10 and was off for 3 months
2010-2011: KK Cibona VIP Zagreb (A1, starting five)
2011-2012: KK Cibona VIP Zagreb (A1)
2012-2013: KK Cibona VIP Zagreb (A1, starting five)
2013/2014: KK Cibona VIP (Croatia A1)
2014/2015: KK Cibona VIP (Croatia A1)
2015/2016: KK Cibona VIP (Croatia A1)
2016/2017: Cibona (Croatia A1)
2017/2018: Cibona (Croatia Premijer Liga)
2018/2019 Cibona(Croatia)

Marin Rozic highlights

14.01.2018. Cibona-MZT 77-92
Blue #20 – 30min,14pts,4reb,3as,1st

11.02.2018. Cibona-Igokea 87-86
Blue 20# – 32min,12pts,5reb,3as,1st

01.10.2017. Mega Bemax-Cibona 95-88
Blue 20#- 1min,17pts,8reb,6as,1st

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